How To Play Slots At iPhone Casinos Without Flash?

How to play slots at iPhone casinos without Flash

Flash from Adobe is now no more. It expired on December 2020 and now the important question being asked by gamers is how to play slots at iPhone casinos without flash. Why punters and gamers are so worried is because Flash was the essential software that run the slots games and casino games at online casinos with ease. Almost all of the slots at online casinos were flash-based. Not so much to think about the good news is that online casinos are converting all their slots and casino games to HTML 5 format. With this native platform, developers can build games much more efficiently and design them so that they are smartphone compatible with the rising number of mobile casino gamers.

HTML 5 slots have many advantages:

  • HTML5 support for all Mobile browsers
  • You don’t need anything to Download or Updates
  • HTML5 slots loads and runs very fast
  • Its open source code and easy to use
  • Moreover long tested and most secure
Advantages of HTML5
HTML5 developed games are better, faster, and more enjoyable than ever before.

 HTML5  is an open-source technology that is built into browsers and has been tried and tested for many years. The quality of its playback is consistently fast and impressive, plus it works well on mobile and across all browsers. Moreover, developers can implement video and audio elements without the need for plug-ins, which places it at a significant advantage over Flash.

In fact, HTML 5 slots games will be better, faster, and more enjoyable than ever before.

Therefore HTML 5 can do almost everything that Flash can do and better. It does not require a plugin, and Flash cannot keep up with all the aspects that HTML5 can deliver. So as every browser can render HTML5 as it is the default system used by these browsers. HTML5 is also an open format system, so any company can design a new tool that developers can use. The option is simply more convenient and workable than Flash. 

HTML 5 Slots Game

Starburst HTML 5 game
Starburst HTML5 slot game

Almost all of the slots and casino game developers like Microgaming, Aristocrat, Novomatic, IGT, RTG, Betsoft, Playtech, NetEnt and various others have started developing their HTML5 format of slots and casino games.

You can thus easily play these games without the need of Flash. Whether it is table game of online Blackjack, Live Dealer Roulette game or slots or games of poker, all are now available in HTML5 format. If you find few slots still in flash format in few online casino sites, then not to worry soon they too will bring about this change and you can enjoy wide variety of casino games at their site in new format of game play.

Some of the popular HTML 5 slots game you can play without Flash are:

20 Super Hot. This is an excellent 5 reeled 20 bet lines video slots by IGT. It has a simple fruity theme and can be accessed on mobile through HTML5 technology. It has the gamble feature and a number of bonus rounds that can lead to great wins.

40 Super Hot. This is another fruity themed slots with 5 reels and forty pay-lines by IGT. It has safe and secure HTML5 slots and an amazing 20000 jackpot.

Quick Hit. Quick Hit HTML mobile slots by Bally is built with utmost simplicity and remains one of the most addictive slots. It has a variety of excellent jackpots, bonus rounds, and a progressive game. It has 30 bet lines and is based on Las Vegas, the true haven of gaming.

Wizard of Oz. PartyGaming is one of the reputable HTML5 slots developers, and Wizard of Oz slots  is one of its great milestones. It is a 30 bet line 5 reeled slots based on the film Wizard of Oz which was released in 1939. The HTML version has remarkable graphics and sound effects that make it wonderful.

Wizard of Oz slot game
Wizard of Oz slot game

Cleopatra. Cleopatra is a 5 reeled video slots with twenty bet lines based on Ancient Egypt. It is a favorite slots for many, and the HTML version is just as superb. It offers smooth and uninterrupted game plays, and the game is very easy to navigate.

Davinci Diamonds. This is a video slots based on the great works of Leonardo. It has twenty paylines and five reels. The arts and diamonds have been wonderfully displayed in the HTML version leading to very appealing slots. The game play is also quite smooth.

Bingo. Bingo is a 20 bet lines 5 reeled slots by Aristocrat. It is quite simple and has an excellent theme and design. The HTML5 slots portrays this simplicity excellently, and the characters and features will keep players glued to the screens.

Starburst. NetEnt is a leading HTML slots developer, and Starburst is one of its best games which is a multi-channel. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines and contains the outstanding graphics, sounds and features typical of NetEnt slots.

Da vinci Diamonds slot
Da vinci Diamonds slot

Hot Shot. Hot Shot by Microgaming is an amazing slots with forty pay lines. It is one of the games with an amazing progressive jackpot and numerous bonuses.

Wheel of Fortune. Wheel of Fortune by Microgaming is among the top slots in the world, and the HTML version has been created well to make it more convenient to play. It has five reels and bet lines and a unique design that makes it more elegant.

Monopoly. This is another slots by IGT and has a simple design and an easy game play. It has five reels and is based on Monopoly board game.

The features of the games and the settings are easily accessible by swiping right or by a quick touch. Also, the rules of the various slots and the pay-table can be accessed very easily by swiping.

The views and the displays are well enhanced to make the slots more elegant. The features that previously congested the screen space making it look crowded have been removed and accessed by swiping left or right. Only the necessary features for the game play are present on the screen.

Finally, remember that all the slots and casino games at the online casinos are being made available in HTML5 format so be happy to have this new change in game play which is easy to use and more convenient.


Q1. Does iPhone Safari Browser support HTML 5?

Safari supports the <video> and <audio> media elements on iOS 3.0 and later and in Safari 3.1 and later on the desktop (Mac OS X and Windows). Support for these media elements allows Safari and other HTML5-compliant browsers to play the indicated source media without using a plug-in.

Q2. What are the best browsers that support HTML5?

  • The strongest browser for HTML5 accessibility support is Internet Explorer (IE) version 10. IE supports closed captioning, accepting WebVTT or TTML caption formats. The browser offers tab navigation of player controls, even in full-screen mode, and has clear, descriptive labels.
  • Next is Google Chrome
  • Firefox has some perks and some drawbacks for media player accessibility. Nearly all player controls on Firefox are keyboard
  • Safari supports HTM 5 but the safari version 5 does not support closed captions, nor Windows Screen readers. Safari 6 lacks keyboard controls and suffers some of the same caption bugs as Chrome.
  • The HTML5 media player on Opera is not compatible with screen readers. WebVTT captions are supported, but buggy.