Hidden iOS Safari tip to close tabs containing searched text that went viral on Twitter

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Recently a hidden iOS Safari tip to close tabs containing the text you searched for was shared by a twitter user @mxswd, or Maxwell that went viral. The trick is to launch Safari on an iOS device, tap the tabs icon, swipe down until you reach the very top (or tap the top status bar), which reveals the search bar, then type in the text you’re looking for. Once that’s done, tap and hold ‘Cancel’ and you’ll be prompted to close only the tabs matching your keyword. Until now this was  unknown trick but now it lets you only close tabs which contain a keyword you search for. This may come in handy if you’ve been researching for a particular word or topic and can’t remember which tabs you need to close.

You can also just tap and hold ‘Cancel’ to close all tabs as well.

Some other iOS Safari tricks you may or may not know about

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Long Press Buttons: Almost the entire bottom toolbar, except the Share button, has some kind of long press option. Long pressing the Bookmark icon will give you options to quickly add the current page as a bookmark, send it to the Reading List or to Shared Links (if you’ve enabled the feature). The tab switcher actions are even more useful, giving you a super-fast way to create a new tab or to close all currently open tabs. Long press the back or forward buttons to get a list of the pages you can go back/forward to.

3D Touch App Icon: If you’re using an iPhone 6s or higher, start using Quick Actions as your gateway to Safari. When you 3D Touch the app icon, you’ll find options to open a new tab, a private tab or to get to your reading list.The 3D Touch option will let you jump directly to the search bar, with the keyboard already to go.

Search for Tabs: Tap the tab switcher button, this is where you’ll see a list of all your tabs. Then turn your phone landscape (you’ll need to turn off Portrait Lock in Control Center if you’ve enabled it), and you’ll spot the Search bar in the top-left.

Use and Customize Reader Mode: Just tapping one button on the leftmost edge of the URL bar turns a chaotic page into an organized, minimal, formatted page. The Aa button lets you choose between different fonts, text size and night mode. This is a great way to read web content, especially at night.

Use 3D Touch to Peek Into Pages: If your iPhone supports 3D Touch, you can squeeze harder on a link to get a popup view of the page. This is a great way to preview a link before deciding to go in. Press deeper again and it will open. Or just lift your finger to back off.

Share Links Without Opening Them: If you’re running iOS 10 or over, you can long press a link anywhere in Safari and choose Share from the menu to bring up the native Share sheet.

Tap and Hold to Paste and Go: If you’ve got a link in the clipboard you want to open in Safari, or you’ve got some text you want to search in Google, tap and hold in the URL bar next time (instead of tapping it to bring up the keyboard). You’ll get a Paste and Go or Paste and Search option depending on what you have in the clipboard. It’s a real time saver.

Find Text in Page: The easiest is to tap on the URL bar and type what you’re looking for — beneath your history and suggested websites you’ll find an option for On This Page. Alternatively, you can tap the Share button and select Find in Page from the bottom row.

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Turn Safari Into a Feed Reader: Safari has a feature called Shared Links that’s basically a feed reader. You can add a feed from a page and new articles will show up here. Or connect with your Twitter account to see all the links shared by people you follow. On the iPhone or iPad, tap the Bookmarks icon. and then select the tab with the @ symbol to get started.

Save a Page as PDF:  Sometimes you need an offline copy of a web page and one of the easiest ways to do that is to create a PDF of the page, right from Safari. Tap on the Share button, scroll in the middle row and find Save PDF to iBooks. The page will be stored as a PDF in the iBooks app. But once the PDF is in iBooks, it’s not easy to share it with other apps. From the bottom row of the Share sheet, select Print. You’ll see a preview of the page here. 3D Touch once for the floating Peek view and 3D Touch once again to Pop into the entire PDF view (if your device doesn’t have 3D Touch, swipe in with two fingers). Now, from here, tap on the Share button. You’ll see a list of apps that support PDF import. And you’ll also find the option to add the PDF to Dropbox or iCloud Drive (if enabled).

Few other tips: Tap and hold on the tabs icon to quickly close all your open tabs (the total number may surprise you) Tap and hold on the “+” icon to see your recently closed tabs history Tap and hold the ‘reload’ icon in the browser bar to quickly ‘Request Desktop Site’

Now use these safari tips and practice. Maybe you jump upon a new trick which you too can share on twitter!