iKlip Case- Which Angle you want iPhone 6 to stand

iKlip Case- Which Angle you want iPhone 6 to stand
iKlip Case- Which Angle you want iPhone 6 to stand

iKlip Case- iPhone 6 stand – a new way to stand your iPhone. How about an iPhone Case that gives a multilevel 3D type look to your device! Ik Multimedia the leader in mobile music creation technology has launched the iKlip Case- iPhone 6 stand and for Phone6 Plus. It is a beautifully designed protective case featuring a built-in multi-position stand that can be used in four unique and different viewing angles both in portrait and landscape mode. The legs of the stand are adjustable and flexible to use according to your need. This iKlip Case is very useful for musicians, professors, e-book readers, and also for video chatting.

The Four Viewing Options

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The Four Viewing Options

The iKlip Case – iPhone 6 stand has two ridged polycarbonate wing-style legs that can be adjusted in various positions to create a stand. It allows you to view your iPhone screen in four different ways; two positions in portrait mode i.e. 45° and 60° angles and two in landscape mode, 60° or 80° angles.vDo not worry your iPhone is safe on a stand and will not fall as the legs stay sturdily in place and when you’re not using it as a stand the legs quickly and easily lock into the back of the case which keeps the case fairly slim-lined and can be put back to place on a table or your pocket.

The material used for the shell is made of thermoplastic, which is different than for the legs. It will protect your phone from shocks and small drops. It also has a soft-touch rubberized finish so won’t easily slip by your hands.

Flexible protection of iKlip Case- iPhone 6 stand

flaxible protection
flexible protection

iKlip Case – iPhone 6 stand is standalone product. Using this case, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your iPhone is strongly protected. Its body has been made in Italy. It has the most rugged and durable materials available on the market. Its body is made from a lightweight and shockproof thermoplastic (TPU), and its legs have been constructed from rigid Polycarbonates (PC) plates. These materials have all been chosen to provide security and peace of mind under even the most demanding of circumstances.

Features of iKlip Case – iPhone 6 stand

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IK Multimedia Case Features
  • Case with positionable stand available in two versions: one for iPhone 6/6s or one for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus
  • Rubberized and grippy anti-slip surface
  • Lightweight and slim design
  • Shock-resistant and durable thermoplastic body2 angles of inclination when in portrait position: 60 Degree and 45 Degree
  • 2 angles of inclination when in landscape position: 80 Degree and 60 Degree
  • Leaves all ports and controls freely available
  • Compatible with all IK accessories
  • Compatible with IK’s full range of mobile music apps

What about the iPhone Ports!

Yes, they too are safe here in this case. As it won’t obstruct any of the ports but it leaves the bottom edge of your phone fairly open. And there be nothing to interfere with the speaker, headphone jack, or lightning port. Also, this will give room to allow for the secure attachment of an external microphone without the need for removing the case as it often happens with many non-Apple branded accessories. This iKlip case is a great center of attraction if placed at coffee shops for watching movies or facetime calls or reading.
iKlip case by IK Multimedia retail for $39.99 U.S. and in USA it costs $45.98 and can be bought directly from IK Multimedia online shop or at the musical stores in USA or any other online store. So have one for your iPhone too!


iKlip Case – iPhone 6 stand have been a great product with many features. It’s a protective carrying case with an easy-to-use and built-in multi-position stand for especially for gamers, musicians and more. It offers great functionality and durability to ensure that you’ll always be able to set up your iPhone for effortless viewing. Use it while playing instruments with apps on your phone, while reading, giving presentations and a whole lot more.