What to do When Slots Games and Casino Apps Freeze on my iPhone?

Fix app freeze on your iPhone

Many times certain games apps, be it slots or casinos, freeze on your smartphone all of a sudden in between your gameplay. This could be because of a bug in the app or a problem with your device. Let’s find out What to do when slot games and casino apps freeze on my iPhone?

Shut the slots game app and re-launch it

Relaunch app if game app freeze
Here find a few fixes that can help you solve this problem and put an end to your gaming crashes-shut slot games and re-launch

The quickest and easiest way when an app is crashing is to clear it from your iPhone memory by force closing or quitting the app and re-launching it.

To access the multitasking tray or app switcher, quickly press your device’s Home button two times. If you are an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus owner then you can switch to the multitasking view with a firm press on the left edge of your device’s screen.

Locate the problem app.

Close the app by swiping up on the app’s preview.

Press your device’s Home screen and re-launch the app.

Reboot your device

Reboot your device

You can also reboot your iPhone which will clear the RAM (memory) and kill any apps. If you just restart your device, the RAM is written to the disk and when your device restarts it gets loaded into the RAM again.

To force reboot your iPhone Press and hold the Home and Power buttons.

The slide to turn off the device will appear, ignore it and continue to hold both buttons down.

Keep holding the buttons, the screen will go blank and then the device will reboot when the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Once you perform the reboot, open the app, and see whether you have solved your problem.

Update your app

What to do when slot games and casino apps freeze on my iPhone?

If you launch the app and it crashes immediately, the problem could be down to compatibility issues or the app could have a bug. If this is the case, the app’s developer could have released a new version of the app to fix these issues. If the app does not update automatically then check the App Store for updates.

Open the App Store > tap on the Updates tab > if your problem app appears under Pending Updates, then press the Update button and install the latest version.

Once the update is complete, open the app and see if the update has stopped the app from crashing.

Delete the crashing app and reinstall it

Reinstall the app

While deleting and reinstalling the app could solve the problem, it does mean that you will also delete any app-related data collected since the original install. However, reinstalling the app will also clear the app cache and free up storage space on your device.

Go to your device’s Home screen > tap and hold the app icon for a few seconds until it starts to jiggle > tap the ‘x’ on the app icon > tap Delete.

For iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners when selecting the app icon, make sure you avoid triggering the 3D Touch Quick Actions. To select the app icon that you want to delete, only lightly place your finger on the app icon.

Once you have deleted the crashing app, open the App Store > tap on Search in the bottom tab bar > search for your app > press Install.

Another benefit to deleting and reinstalling apps is that it terminates app cache at the same time. This will free up some storage capacity, and those caches may often sometimes be the cause of the app crashing in the first place.

Some apps are really bad with handling caches. Some are enormous, which, when attempting to load, can result in an instant crash from memory issues.

This delete and re-download trick is popular as a remedy for a variety of app-related issues, and it often still works.

If the app is still getting crashed, you’ll need to be sure you’ve updated to the latest version of iOS.Install the latest version of iOS on your iPhone.

Install the latest version of iOS on your iPhone

iOS 12

Many times this happens because you might have not updated your device. So installing the latest operating system on your device, if you are currently using an older version, even though the majority of apps are compatible with older versions of iOS can work here.

If you are going to update your device to the latest iOS make sure you have created a backup of your iPhone

To update your device connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.

Open the Settings app > General > Software Update > iOS will check for available updates > tap Download and Install for the latest version of iOS.

Alternatively, if you do not want to update via a Wi-Fi network, you can also update via iTunes.

Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed. In iTunes, click on the Help menu > Check for Updates > update if necessary.

Connect your iPhone to iTunes, a message will appear that there is a software update available. If the message does not automatically appear, click on the Devices list > click on your iOS device > Check for Update.

Follow the onscreen prompts and install the latest iOS. Once the install is complete, your iPhone or iPad will reboot in the latest version of iOS. Launch the app and see if you have finally solved your app crashing problem.

What to do when slot games and casino apps freeze on my iPhone? Contact the app support

Contact Support

App support is available at all of the games or casino apps. You can find the email or phone number of the support team from the app store if you have downloaded the games app from iTunes or the casino support page at an online casino site if you are playing slot games from your safari browser. You can seek help from them as might be the app is having an issue and they are trying to fix it.

If still the problem persists and the game app crashes it is better to play another game or slot that works fine and is compatible with your device. So by now, you have known What to do when slot games and casino apps freeze on my iPhone?