3 iPhone 8 Rumors That May be True

As the year rolls on, Apple fans are scrambling for details about the iPhone 8. The internet is already awash in rumors, with some being reliable while others are mere speculations. Apple has always been tight lipped about new releases, & this highly anticipated addition is no exception. This is the tenth anniversary iPhone, so customers are expecting something epic. Many experts claim that this phone will finally deviate from the traditional design sported by both the iPhone 6 & 7. This is great news, since everyone is tired of the same design.

Samsung has already released a solid flagship phone, so the bar is set high for Apple’s next release. They pride themselves on leading the industry, so the iPhone 8 should feature everything the Galaxy S8 has & more. This includes curved screen AMOLED displays & much more.

As the tech industry sorts through the rumors, a few details seem plausible. These have been verified by multiple leaks & factors, so the possibility of them coming to fruition are surprisingly high. We know Apple fans can’t wait to get the inside information, so we compiled a list of iPhone 8 rumors. These are the most likely to be featured in this highly anticipated release, so prepare to be blown away!

Top iPhone 8 Rumors

Everyone is still in the dark about this anticipated phone.

Rumor #1: Improved Camera With AR Features – It’s no secret that Tim Cook is obsessed with the possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR). This is a bold new approach to capturing images, since it allows the phone to recognize objects. Instead of just taking a picture, the smartphone can pick out groceries from a shelf or faces in a crowd. This would take smartphones to the next level, since they could help in everyday tasks.

Since this is such a hot topic the question isn’t if they will add it, it’s when. Hopefully Apple will be able to add this innovative feature in time for this release. Even though we are holding our breath, there are some design changes that back this rumor up.

Leaked iPhone 8 schematics show a vertically aligned dual-lens camera on the back of the phone. This layout would accommodate AR technology, & Apple is already working with LG on a 3D photographing module. Allegedly this would add three-dimensional effects to photos. This would be a game changer, but we won’t find out until it’s released.

Rumor #2: Front Screen Finger Print Scanner – This is a tricky feature to achieve, but it would make this release a hit. Everyone is tired of finger print scanners on the back of the phone. It was hands down the most unpopular feature on the last model, so Apple is scrambling to change it. They hold a number of patents that prove that they are researching it.

This means they are at least looking into it, but making it a reality is surprisingly complicated. The main hurdle is putting a reliable fingerprint scanner under glass, which is something even Samsung couldn’t do. Apple is allegedly debating creating a pinhole in the glass for a sensor. Their new 5.8-inch OLED display will undoubtedly be stunning. But we still don’t know if they will be able to pull off an on-screen fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 8
This is one of the many models constructed by leaks.

Rumor #3: Release Date – For the last 5 years, Apple has released a new iPhone in September. This is what they are shooting for this year, but production shortages are casting doubts. While the improved iPhone 7S phones will certainly make the September deadline, October is more reasonable for the iPhone 8. According to rumors, Apple is already ramping up production to have the phone hit the market in October.

Apple’s release event is supposed to occur on September 8th, & the flagship is usually available a few weeks later. This would make the first batch of phones available in late September, with mass availability achieved in October. As the release date gets nearer, more rumors are being proven true!